Hélène Fleury, Artiste peintre sculpteureStatues and fountains

some paintings are available as reproductions, click here

The artist has created a few statues and fountains. These pieces, as well as the small bronzes and busts, are first made in clay. The large ones, modeled in this matter can not be kept as is. They have to me molded and reproduced because it's impossible to build them hollow, which would permit to bake them as ceramics. The thickness and the framework made of wood or metal create tensions in the clay that brakes while drying and stretching. As a matter of fact, we have to mold the clay while still wet with flexible silicones and, over it, with rigid shapes made of plaster or plastics to keep it all together. This is what we call the matrix, from which we can draw a few numbered copies. It is a complicated and expensive procedure.